Fuel Pressure Regulator 1.5-85 PSI (31800.063)


An adjustable fuel pressure relgulator should be installed when you install a Weber carburator on your Samurai. This regulator is adjustable from 1.5-85 psi.

The world famous Weber Carburetors are great street and low angle carburetors for the Samurai.

The Weber carb kits are very easy to install and include everything you will need for the installation including a adapter plate for the manifold and a new Weber filter.

The result is a definite power gain with fast throttle response. These carbs are not legal for use on pollution controlled vehicles.

There are three kits to choose from depending on the style of choke you want to run. Water, Electric or Manual Cable driven. Water choke is easiest to install using the Samurai factory parts, but electric is easy as well. Cable driven choke requires running the included cable into your cab through the dash.

You can use your factory fuel pump or you can swap out to a low pressure electric pump from Weber. A fuel pressure regulator is a good idea to dial everything in precisely.

Carburetors come pre-jetted for sea level use on stock 1.3L engines. Re-jetting may be required for use on modified engines such as cams, bored out, larger exhausts and other changes as well as for use above 3000 feet elevations.

Adjustable from 1.5-85 PSI


If you have any questions on the use or installation of this product please contact our customer support at (559)-549-6747

See manufacturer for details.

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