IPF H4 Rectangular Headlamp Insert (820H)

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These IPF H4 Rectangular Headlamp Insert (820H) are good for Toyota Pickups and 4Runners that use rectangular style replacement inserts. The factory Toyota headlamps do not have provisions to run replaceable H4 Style bulbs, you have to replace the whole unit. This changes that- using the housing you can install any H4 Style bulb you would like.

Please note that these are shipped without bulbs. We do carry a full line of IPF bulbs that we stock on a regular basis.  Please note that some IPF bulbs require the IPF wiring harness and are noted in the bulbs description.  

  • Head Light Insert
  • Accepts H4 Bulbs up to 110 watts
  • Bulbs sold separately
  • Double coated reflector
  • Flat Euro beam

  • Toyota Pickup from 1982-1995
  • Toyota Tacoma 1995-1997
  • Toyota Corolla from 1980-1991
  • Toyota MR2 from 1985-1995
  • Toyota Supra from 1986-1992
  • Toyota Starlet from 1981-1984
  • Toyota Tercel from 1980-1987


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  • The products are not installed, used, and maintained strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions
  • The products are installed in vehicles that are used in competition
  • The products are installed in vehicles fitted with aftermarket non-standard tires with diameters in excess of OEM specifications
  • The products are installed in vehicles with engines that have been modified to increase performance

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