Superflow MV-90 Mega Air Compressor, MV90


The Superflow MV-90 Heavy Duty Air Compressor is ideal for BIG RIG TIRES, 35 inch or larger. It can inflate 25% faster than the MV-89, obtaining its power directly from the vehicle battery using the alligator clips provided.

This is a high volume compressor, therefore it is going to pull a larger amount of amps than a lower volume compressor. Please make sure that your alternator will be up to the task, Max rated Amps is 45A.

Not recommended for Samurai's with stock alternator, the stock alternator output from the factory is 45A - we would recommend upgrading to a GM alternator setup if planning on running a lot of electrical accessories.

About this Compressor-

-MV-90 Mega Air Compressor w/ alligator clips
-3.71 CFM Output
-150 Max PSI
-20 Ft. Coiled Hose
-6 Ft. Power Cord
-Direct Drive
-Weight 20 lbs
-Includes: Carry Bag/Needle Adapters/Air chuck

  • MV-90 Mega Air Compressor w/ alligator clips
  • 45A
  • 3.71 CFM Output
  • 150 Max PSI
  • 12V
  • 20 Ft. Coiled Hose
  • 6 Ft. Power Cord
  • Direct Drive
  • Weight 20 lbs
  • Includes: Carry Bag/Needle Adapters/Air chuck


If you have any questions on the use or installation of this product please contact our customer support at (559)-549-6737

See manufacturer for details.

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